Development Statistics for the LSL 1.2.x branch

2020-06-04 03:03
Head revision:
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2010-08-03 to 2020-01-22
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Author Lines of Code
jdowell 102352 (97.4%)
jayce 2711 (2.6%)

Tag Cloud of Words in Commit Log Messages

actually alternate another argparse beam buffer build caused center change changelog class clean cleaned code comment common converted correlator couple data deal documentation driftcurve error extensions file filter fits fixed function getting help imaging import introduced ionosphere keyword like little look lwa1 make making measurement method misc missed missing module move multiple need observation only over parser pep8 phase problem pylint python python3 reader ready recent reflect related remove robust script sdfadp setup since small ssmif started statement station suite support sure test them thing time tweak typo unit update utils valid various vdif version warning what worked working writer



directory in repo [root] (0 files, 0 lines)
    directory in repo branches (0 files, 0 lines)
        directory in repo lsl-1.2.x (7 files, 1157 lines)
            directory in repo doc (1 files, 13 lines)
                directory in repo source (9 files, 396 lines)
            directory in repo lsl (5 files, 5700 lines)
                directory in repo common (19 files, 15136 lines)
                directory in repo correlator (6 files, 5613 lines)
                directory in repo data (4 files, 14193 lines)
                    directory in repo arx (1200 files, 0 lines)
                    directory in repo skymap (2 files, 0 lines)
                    directory in repo tests (8 files, 220 lines)
                directory in repo imaging (5 files, 3717 lines)
                directory in repo misc (14 files, 5064 lines)
                directory in repo reader (20 files, 9494 lines)
                directory in repo sim (13 files, 4429 lines)
                directory in repo statistics (3 files, 863 lines)
                directory in repo writer (6 files, 4822 lines)
            directory in repo scripts (29 files, 5801 lines)
            directory in repo tests (43 files, 14028 lines)

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