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Welcome to Fornax

Home of the LWA Software Library repository and the LWA SDF validator.

LWA Software Library

Here you will find the software repository for the LWA Software Library (LSL). You will also find the various LSL extensions and toolkits that provide examples of how to work with LSL and LWA data.

SDF Validator

The SDF validator allows users to check and submit session definitions files for observing. The validator also displays the current observing queues for the next several weeks.

Interactive Maps

We provide two interactive maps of the sky. The first is an interactive visualization of the low frequency radio sky as seen by LWA1. The second is a web map-style interface that provides views of the sky at several wavelengths of light.

The LWA1 Low Frequency Sky Survey

The LWA1 Low Frequency Sky Survey maps can be found on the LWA Data Archive. The archive also hosts our updated model of the radio sky: the Low Frequency Sky Model.

LWA Observations and Archive

The LWA observation database can be accessed through this page while the various data archives can be found on the LWA Data Archive.

More Information

More information about the LWA can be found on the main project page. This page also contains information about proposing to use the telescope.

Partner Institutions

The LWA Project includes several institutions. The founding LWA members are the University of New Mexico and the Los Alamos National Laboratory in partnership with the Naval Research Laboratory. Virginia Tech and University of Iowa joined the LWA Project in July 2007 and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory joined in September 2008.

  • University of New Mexico
  • Naval Research Laboratory
  • University of Iowa
  • Virginia Tech
  • Los Alamos National Lab
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory