LWA Observing File Validator and Submission Tool


  1. Select all of the files that you wish to validate and upload for scheduling.
  2. If you do not want to have your observations uploaded for scheduling, un-check the "Schedule Valid Files" checkbox.
  3. The next screen will give a summary for each file that is color coded by the status:
    •    Valid and uploaded for scheduling
    •    Valid and not uploaded for scheduling
    •    Invalid for one or more reasons
  4. If you wish to have your files scheduled but valid files have not been uploaded or if you encounter other errors, please e-mail .

For additional information about preparing session definition files, see this page. To see the current contents of the SDF queue, see this page. Note: the schedule status page may lag behind the current queue by up to two hours.

Session/Interferometer Definition Files:

Target Station:

Target Interferometer:
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Schedule Valid Files