LSL Toolkits

LSL Toolkits provide additional Python modules that build on the LSL framework. These modules provide enhanced functionality for particular cases and access to older data formats.


This package provides access to data stored on the old-style DRSUs that use the LWAFS file system. This corresponds to the lsl.reader.drsu module that is available in the LSL 0.5.x branch.

Repository: branches/lsl_toolkits/OldDRSU

Latest Release: tags/lsl_toolkits/OldDRSU-0.3.0.tar.gz

Old DR Spectrometer

This package provides the reader for DR spectrometer data written by version 1 of DROS. This corresponds to the lsl.reader.drspec module that is available in the LSL 0.5.x branch.

Repository: branches/lsl_toolkits/OldDRSpec

Latest Release: On PyPi

PASI Image

This package provides a reader for .pims image files from the Prototype All-Sky Imager (PASI) running at LWA1.


Latest Release: On PyPi


This package provides the S60 data reader and simulator found in LSL versions up to the 0.4.x branch.

Repository: branches/lsl_toolkits/S60

Latest Release: On PyPi


This provides a data reader for USRP data generated using an Ettus USRP N210 and GNURadio with embedded metadata.


Latest Release: On PyPi

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