SVN Checkout of LSL

Development Version

To use the latest development version of LSL (currently 1.1-dev), you need to checkout the source from GitHub. The easiest way to do this is via:

git clone lsl-2.0-dev

After the trunk has been downloaded, LSL can be built in the usual way:

cd lsl-2.0-dev
python build
python test
python install

Note: The development version is not guaranteed to compile or test properly. Please check the build status page to see if the latest version compiled and tested ok.

Stable Versions

Stable versions can are still located in the subversion repository. Currently the six stable versions are:

  • LSL version 0.2.x
  • LSL version 0.3.x
  • LSL version 0.4.x
  • LSL version 0.5.x
  • LSL version 0.6.x
  • LSL version 1.0.x

Version before the 0.6.x branch are not recommended for use.

To grab the 1.0.x branch without downloaded the tar file, use:

svn export lsl-1.0.x
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