The lwa_dp_sim collection of software provides the DP data simulation writer application as well as sample reader applications which were used to provide a limited validation of the data.

See the included README file for information about how to run the applications.

Note that very little effort has gone into optimizing the performance of these applications, so they are pretty slow at the moment. The reader applications take ~5 minutes to process the 1 GB sample files posted above. Another potential issue is handling poor data quality such as missing packets; the current version of the applications does not address such problems.


This software was developed using python 2.6. In addition, some third-party python packages are required to run the software. These are listed below, along with the versions used for developing the software and links to the sites where the packages may be obtained. (Again, other versions of the packages may be workable).


LWA_DP_Sim initial version: lwa_dp_sim-0.0.0.tar.gz

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