Installation Tips for Anaconda Python

I've managed to get LSL 1.2.3 to install in Continuum Analytics Anaconda Python distribution under Linxu. The biggest problem I ran into was finding the right Python modules to make everything work.


ATLAS and FFTW3 are not included with the Anaconda installation by default but it can be easily installed via:

conda install -c anaconda atlas=3.8.4
conda install --channel fftw3

Python Modules

Unlike ATLAS, various Python modules are best installed through pip so that the right version can be built. Some of the pip installs work by default while others require using a different version than the default.


The GDBM module can be installed through conda via:

conda install python-gdbm


The default version of PyFITS here seems ok:

conda install --channel pyfits


The default version of PyEphem here also works:

conda install --channel pyephem


I had to go back to version 2.1.12 of AIPY to find a working version. I'm not sure why this is:

conda install --channel aipy=2.1.12

Note: With 2.1.12 you may run into problems with the "helm_fit.txt" and "helm_pos.txt" files. You will need to manually copies these over to your site-packages/aipy/_src folder or install an older version of AIPY, like 1.1.1.


Same thing for PyTZ:

conda install --channel pytz


At this point all you should need to do to install LSL is run pip:

pip install lsl
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