Development Statistics for the LSL 1.0.x branch

2018-03-15 03:03
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2010-08-03 to 2015-10-13
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Author Lines of Code
jdowell 51927 (100.0%)
jayce 8 (0.0%)

Tag Cloud of Words in Commit Log Messages

another baseline being better branch call cause change class clean cleanups code common correlateddata correlator couple data deal dedispersion didn dipole file filterbank fits fixed fixes function gain help image imageidi imaging import instance integration keyword leda64 left like little look lwa1 make metadata method misc missing mode module name number numpy option over overlay plotting polarization problem pyfftw python reader reflect related removed reset return rfutil robust script second setup several since small source spec spectrometer statement stations statistics support sure switched test them things time timetag trunk tutorial typo update using utils uvfits various version what wisdom wrong



directory in repo [root] (0 files, 0 lines)
    directory in repo branches (0 files, 0 lines)
        directory in repo lsl-1.0.x (6 files, 780 lines)
            directory in repo doc (0 files, 0 lines)
                directory in repo notebooks (7 files, 2725 lines)
                directory in repo source (10 files, 798 lines)
            directory in repo lsl (2 files, 4048 lines)
                directory in repo common (7 files, 5170 lines)
                directory in repo correlator (6 files, 3679 lines)
                directory in repo data (3 files, 7634 lines)
                    directory in repo astro (1 files, 40 lines)
                    directory in repo tests (11 files, 9331 lines)
                directory in repo imaging (4 files, 2415 lines)
                directory in repo misc (8 files, 2256 lines)
                directory in repo reader (6 files, 4617 lines)
                directory in repo sim (11 files, 3154 lines)
                directory in repo statistics (2 files, 763 lines)
                directory in repo writer (4 files, 3438 lines)
            directory in repo scripts (18 files, 4057 lines)
            directory in repo tests (17 files, 7219 lines)

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