Development Statistics for the LSL Extensions

2018-07-16 03:04
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2011-03-03 to 2018-07-11
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Author Lines of Code
jdowell 122939 (98.2%)
jayce 1552 (1.2%)
kstovall 698 (0.6%)

Tag Cloud of Words in Commit Log Messages

allow base beam better cause change check clean cleaned code commissioning couple data deal default dialog directory display drspec2hdf drxpower drxspectra drxwaterfall easier error extension feature file first fixed frame frequency fringe function gain getting hdf5 hdfwaterfall help information keyword level like line little look make mask metadata missing mode module multiple needed observation offset option output over part plot plothdf plotting plotwaterfall polarization power problem pulsar range readme remove save script session sessiongui shiftsdf since single small spectrometer ssmif start statement stationmaster support sure thing ticket time tuning tweak typo update validator value various version what window worked working



directory in repo [root] (0 files, 0 lines)
    directory in repo trunk (0 files, 0 lines)
        directory in repo Commissioning (11 files, 1575 lines)
            directory in repo DRX (20 files, 3851 lines)
                directory in repo Fringing (12 files, 2183 lines)
                directory in repo HDF5 (15 files, 7936 lines)
            directory in repo TBF (4 files, 635 lines)
            directory in repo TBN (7 files, 1538 lines)
                directory in repo Calibration (18 files, 3355 lines)
                directory in repo Prototype (5 files, 1198 lines)
            directory in repo TBW (11 files, 5048 lines)
                directory in repo Calibration (7 files, 1708 lines)
                directory in repo Powerline (3 files, 597 lines)
                directory in repo Prototype (5 files, 3269 lines)
        directory in repo GPU (8 files, 3427 lines)
        directory in repo Pulsar (22 files, 11435 lines)
        directory in repo SessionSchedules (12 files, 8143 lines)
            directory in repo docs (1 files, 173 lines)
            directory in repo examples (5 files, 314 lines)
            directory in repo icons (20 files, 0 lines)
            Folder removed from repo templates (0 files, 0 lines)

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