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Updated for LSL 1.2.0.

LSL - The LWA Software Library


lsl (LWA Software Library) is a collection of python routines for working with Long Wavelength Array (LWA) data. It consists of routines that:

The library also includes a number of demo. scripts that show how to:

  • display time integrated TBW/TBN spectra,
  • read in TBW/TBN data and save the data to FITS files,
  • obtain stand positions and cable lengths, and
  • plot the station beam for a zenith snapshot.

In addition, lsl also contains the bulk of NRL's lwa_user library. See the README file for a list of which routines are included and their locations in lsl.


lsl depends on the following software:

  • python >= 2.6 and python < 3.0
  • atlas >= 3.6
  • fftw3 >= 3.2
  • gdbm >= 1.8
  • numpy >= 1.2
  • scipy >= 0.7
  • pyfits >= 3.1
  • pyephem >= 3.7.5
  • aipy >= 0.9.1
  • pytz >= 2011k
  • matplotlib >= 0.98.3 (required for some of the scripts)


LSL version 1.2.x

Download: lsl-1.2.0.tar.gz



Documentation: HTML

Install Notes: Anaconda Python, Mac OS X

Troubleshooting: Installation Issues

LSL IPython Notebook Tutorials

General LSL Routines

Building SDFs Programmatically

Observation Metadata

Working with Data via LDP

Working with TBW/TBN Data via the Low-Level Interface

Working with DRX Data via the Low-Level Interface

Working with DR Spectrometer Data via the Low-Level Interface

LSL Data Reduction Tutorials

LWA Low Frequency Data Reduction Tutorial

LSL Extentions

Commissioning - Commissioning scripts for LWA1

GPU? - Tools for signal processing on CUDA GPUs

Pulsar - Pulsar tools for LWA1

SessionSchedules - Tools for observers to create session definition files

LSL Toolkits

Toolkits - A collection of toolkits to restore older LSL functionality.

Education and Public Outreach

EPO - A collection of software, including LWATV GUI, for education and public outreach.

User Contributed Scripts

UserContributedScripts - A collection of scripts contributed by users


LSL Users Google Group

LSL Development Status

Installation Issues and Debugging



If you have used LSL or one of the extensions as part of a scholarly work, please reference Dowell et al. "The Long Wavelength Array Software Library", 2012, J. Astron. Instrum., 1, 1250006.