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lsl (LWA Software Library) is a collection of python routines for working with Long Wavelength Array (LWA) data. It consists of routines that:

  • describe the setup (location, stand positions, etc.) of the first LWA station (LWA1),
  • read in the three main data formats described in the DP ICD,
  • export time series and spectral data to FITS files,
  • estimate uv-plane coverage, and
  • simulate visibility data sets.

The library also includes a number of demo. scripts that show how to:

  • display time integrated TBW/TBN spectra,
  • read in TBW/TBN data and save the data to FITS files,
  • obtain stand positions and cable lengths, and
  • plot the station beam for a zenith snapshot.

In addition, lsl also contains the bulk of NRL's lwa_user library. See the README file for a list of which routines are included and their locations in lsl.


lsl depends on the following software:

  • python >= 2.6 and python < 3.0
  • atlas >= 3.6
  • fftw3 >= 3.2
  • gdbm >= 1.8
  • libnova
  • numpy >= 1.2
  • scipy >= 0.7
  • pyfits >= 3.0
  • pyephem >= 3.7.5
  • aipy >= 0.9.1
  • matplotlib >= 0.98.3 (required for some of the scripts)


LSL version 0.6.x

Download: lsl-0.6.2.tar.gz



Documentation: HTML

Install Notes: Mac OS X

Troubleshooting: Installation Issues

Benchmarks: Speed Comparison

LSL Extentions

Commissioning - Commissioning scripts for LWA-1

GPU? - Tools for signal processing on CUDA GPUs

Pulsar - Pulsar tools for LWA-1

SessionSchedules - Tools for observers to create session definition files


LSL Users Google Group

LSL Development Status?

Installation Issues and Debugging


If you have used LSL or one of the extensions as part of a scholarly work, please reference Dowell et al. "The Long Wavelength Array Software Library", 2012, J. Astron. Instrum. (2012).

Other Software

LightningDetector? - Lightning detection software

SignalGenerator? - Signal generator control software