Session Definition File GUI

Example sessionGUI window with two TBN observations.

Overview and Requirements

Session Schedules is a collection of Python modules and scripts for building MCS0030 compliant session definition files (SDFs).

Session Schedules builds off of the LSL 0.6.x/1.0.x framework for working with LWA data and also depends on the following additional Python modules:

  • wxPython

Note: LSL version 0.6.2 or later are required to use the latest version of

No installation (e.g., python install) is required to use the software. Simply run the scripts in the SessionSchedules directory.


The SessionSchedules directory and its contents are easy to obtain via a subversion export or checkout command:

svn export

Python Contents

Simple command-line utility for estimating the data volume for a TBN or DRX observation.

wxPython GUI for creating SDF from scratch or modifying existing SDF for another purpose. sessionGUI contains a variety of features for working with SDFs including a name resolver, a graphical observation layout, and a data volume estimator.

Multi-purpose tool for shifting SDF files. This utility allows the operator to:

  • Move a SDF file to a new start date/time
  • Move a SDF file to a new UTC date but the same LST
  • Apply a pointing correction (currently ~430 seconds in RA) to the observations
  • Switch the session ID to a new value
  • Convert TRK_SOL and TRK_JOV observations to TRK_RADEC
  • Only update one of the above and leave the time alone
  • Print out the contents of the SDF file in an easy-to-digest manner

Tool for operators to examine multiple SDFs at the same time.

Script to pack a collection of SDFs into the smallest possible time period.

Script to provide a name resolver that can be run from the command line.

Script to validate SDFs via the validation interfaces available in and with the tpss executable. This validator runs tpss up to level 2.

Other Contents


Directory containing on-line documentation for


Directory containing example SDFs from MCS JR5.


Directory containing icons used by


Directory containing jinja2 templates for,, and

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