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     124== LWATV GUI - !BeagleBone Black Version ==
     126=== Description ===
     127The LWATV GUI can also be run on a [ BeagleBone Black].  Like the Raspberry Pi, the !BeagleBone Black or BBB provides a low cost, low power, and easy-to-use way of displaying the GUI. 
     129=== Hardware Setup ===
     130The hardware setup for this type of install is minimal and can be purchased for around $120.  The parts required are:
     132  * !BeagleBone Black  - [ here is one for $55]
     133  * Case
     134    * Aluminum - [ here is one for $50]
     135  * 5V, 2A power supply - [ here is one for $8]
     136  * 4GB SD card - [ here is one for $8]
     137  * Display Adapter
     138    * microHDMI - included on the BBB
     139    * VGA - [ here is an ''active'' HDMI to VGA adapter for $17]
     140    * for other options, see []
     141  * Monitor
     142  * Ethernet cable
     143    * Ethernet cable
     145=== Software Setup ===
     146The software is also easy to install and based on the [ Angstrom Linux] distribution.  You can download a [ pre-configured image from here] and copy it to the SD card by [ following these instructions].  After the image has been copied you can insert the card into the microSD card slot on the BBB and boot it up.
     148The BBB will be configured to automatically start the LWATV GUI software on boot and will update the cache of previous movies nightly.  The bandwidth usage for the software averages around 110MB per hour.
     150If you are interested in building your own disk image the BBB-optimized LWATV GUI software can be checked out via:
     152svn checkout
     155===  Additional Configuration ===
     156The software is setup for DHCP over a wired 10/100Mbit ethernet connection and VGA output.  If your setup is the same then no additional configuration is needed.  However, it is a good idea to update both the software and the movies before use.  This can be done by logging
     157into the BBB and running the following from a terminal:
     160su debian
     161cd ~/LWATV/
     162svn update
     163./ -v
     164sudo apt-get update
     165sudo apt-get upgrade
     168After running these commands you should reboot the BBB.
    124175== LWA1 Status Script ==