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#63 TBF Reader LSL LWA-SV Support enhancement 11/17/15

Add a reader for TBF data generated at LWA-SV. The reader should behave similar to TBW but with additional hooks to deal with the fact that it is frequency-domain data.

#68 TBF Commissioning Tools Commissioning LWA-SV Support task 11/17/15

There needs to be a set of commissioning scripts for TBF data so that we can start to examine the data and validate ADP.

#66 Update MCS support for LWA-SV LSL LWA-SV Support enhancement 11/17/15

Update the lsl.common.mcs and lsl.common.metabundle modules for the new text and binary data formats. This includes:

  • changes to the text-based SSMIF,
  • changes to the binary-packed SSMIF,
  • changes to the various binary-packed formats in the metadata tarball,
  • updates to the set of core MCS static values, and
  • updates to the set to MCS "numeric ID->human-readable value" converters.

The last two parts are going to be tricky since there will be different things for LWA1 and LWA-SV.

#64 COR Reader LSL LWA-SV Support enhancement 11/17/15

Added a reader to support COR data from LWA-SV. I'm not sure what to base this reader on, maybe TBN since it is a continuous stream of multiple data products.

#65 DRX8 Reader LSL LWA-SV Support enhancement 11/17/15

Add a reader to support the 8+8-bit DRX mode, DRX8, from LWA-SV. This can probably be done with a few fairly small changes to the current DRX reader.

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