Milestone LWA-SV Support

2 years late (Feb 1, 2016, 5:00:00 PM)


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Full support for LWA-SV is slated for LSL version 1.2.0. This will require a number of changes to the existing LSL 1.1.0 branch, including:

  • support for the station itself,
  • support for the new data formats at LWA-SV,
  • support for the new observing modes at LWA-SV, and
  • support for the new MCS metadata formats.

The goal is to make support for LWA-SV seamless in LSL so that it is easy to deal with both stations using common software.

There will also need to be changes to the Commissioning and SessionSchedules? extensions to support the new station. For Commissioning there needs to be new tools to deal with TBF, COR, and DRX8 data. TBF can be based off TBW and DRX8 off DRX. For SessionSchedules? that changes are needed to support generating SDFs for two stations and implementing the correct limits for each.

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